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Flipkart Quiz Answer ,Fake Or Not Answer Answer Is 01,10,2020 

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Fake Or Not Answer 01.10.2020


1.Americean President Donald Trump, Told People To Vote

Not Fake

2.Sitaphal Is Native to India


3.Chinese Tourists Were Seen on India Side  Of Panging loke


4.Bajrangi Bhaijaan was Partly Inspired By  And Old Telgu Movie

Not Fake

5.On Of The Wold Most Expensive Coffees is Made Form Animal  Pop

Not Fake

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  1. Fast Download,The Flipkart app
  2. Login In You Flipkart Account
  3. Click The Fake Or Not Options

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Flipkart Quiz Answer Today Fake Or Not Answer 02.10.2020

1.In 1948 On One Awardes the Nobel Peace


Answer Is  -Not Fake


2.Robot Dogs Are being Used to Maintain Social Distancing in Singapore


Answer is Not Fake


3.Apple  The Gets Name From The Apple That Full on lsaac Newton


Answer Is  Fake.


4.The Moon Complete One revolution Around The Earth In one Day.


Answer Is Fake


5.Rishi Kapoor Paid Money To Get An Award For Bobby.


Answer Is Fake.





Today 03/10/2020 Fake Or Not Answer. 

Qustion1. Kerala to launch water taxis from October 2020

Answer> NOT FAKE

Qustion2. Different countries see different phases of the Moon on the same day

Answer> FAKE

Qustion3. Facebook’s main colour is blue because Mark Zuckerberg has a red-green color blindness

Answer> NOT FAKE

Qustion4. Laika the dog was the first animal sent to space

Answer> FAKE

Qustion5. Sunil Chhetri has scored more international goals than Lionel Messi

Answer> NOT FAKE

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